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Broken rice dish in Saigon

Broken rice dish in Saigon

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We are going to enjoy a specialty of Saigon. The dish has been part of memories of those who were born in the city and held an appeal to visitors to the city. It’s a plain but tasty dish. it’s cơm tấm (literally broken rice).

Located in Southeast Asia, with alluvial deltas and favorable natural conditions, Vietnam has long-established wet rice cultivation. On the first days when new lands were reclaimed, images of rice plants and white rice kernels appeared in legends of the Hung Kings. Rice has become an important ingredient in the Vietnamese cuisine. It is used to make both elaborate and plain dishes.

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When it comes to rice, we cannot but mention Cơm Tấm (broken rice), the dish that has been part of memories of Saigonese people of different generations. In every corner in the city, we can see mobile and street food stalls selling the dish with aroma from cooked rice and grilled pork ribs by the blazing fire. Cơm tấm brought fame to Saigon after it was recognized Its gastronomic importance to the region in 2014 by the Asia Record Organization (ARO)….

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"Cơm Tấm enchants foreign diners with its plainness and tastiness. Martin Yan, a foreign chef, who has been very familiar to Vietnamese TV viewers, has spent much affection on Cơm Tấm which is made simply but tastes good. Cơm Tấm with grilled pork ribs brought glory to Christine Ha, a Vietnamese-origin blind lady, at Master Chef America in 2012. The dish has captured attention of the chefs’ circle
and the public. Moreovet, overseas Vietnamese of many generations have spared no efforts to bring fame to Cơm Tấm in foreign countries, for example, Thanh’s Cơm Tấm restaurant and Cơm Tấm Thuận Kiều restaurant in Orange County, California, the US”.

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