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Delicious sweetened porridge dishes of Hue

Delicious sweetened porridge dishes of Hue

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Hue, a dreamy city by the Huong river, holds an appeal to tourists thanks to the ancient beauty of moss-covered buildings. Visiting Hue, tourists are enchanted by its cuisine which is seen as the most diverse food treasure in Vietnam travel. This ancient capital is the rendezvous of the country’s quintessence. Hue’s cuisine is the nice blend of foods from different parts of the countries. However Hue dishes have distinctive taste. The dishes reflect customs, practices, the art of making and garnishing food of Hue people. Its long history and in-depth culture make Hue cuisine special with specialties well-known throughout the country and the world.

delicious sweetened porridge dishes of hue1Che Hue

Delicious sweetened porridge dishes of Hue
According to researchers, Hue sweetened porridge has long been mode in Phu Xuan. It’s the nice blend of the art of cooking of Cham people and traditional dishes of Vietnamese people, which brings typical tastes to Hue dishes. They are saltiness, sweetness, sourness, piquancy and bitterness. Hue people are so delicate and picky. That’s why they have created many sweetened porridge dishes that hold an appeal to diners. There are elegant but elaborately made sweetened porridge dishes like lotus seed sweetened porridge, lotus seed wrapped in longan sweetened porridge, roosted pork wrapped in tapioca starch sweetened porridge and mung bean pudding.

At the sometime, there are plain sweetened porridge dishes like corn sweetened porridge, floating cake in sweetened porridge hyacinth bean sweetened porridge, tapioca starch sweetened porridge, green bean sweetened porridge, mixed sweetened porridge and taro sweetened porridge. Cooking Che is not difficult. All you do is boiling water, adding beans or peas in and then adding some sugar. However, making it good is another thing. In Hue, there are about some Che stalls that quite famous: Miss Ton Dich in front of Thuong Bac Pavilion, Che Hem in a small lane on Hung Vuong street.

Che normally serves in small bowls, glasses, or transparent plastic bags for take-away. Chè Huế is very cheap, just few thousands Vietnam dong, you’ve got a delicious cup of it. Che is also part of the culture of Hue, if each evening tasting several type, you have stay in Hue a week to enjoy all of Che Hue.

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