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Dishes From Rice vermicelli in Hanoi

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The Vietnamese have long fed themselves on rice. When it comes to the Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hanois cuisine in particular, we cannot but mention dishes from rice. Among the dishes from pIain, rice, apart from cooked rice, rice vermicelli is the most popular. There are many types of rice vermicelli.

10 Vietnamese street foods we can’t live without!

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1. Beef noodles (Phở bò)
This could be the No 1 street food in Vietnam and most recognizable Vietnamese food outside of travel Vietnam. Originated from the North, but has found home in the South since long time, that’s why we have “phở” in two different styles: northern and southern. According to some foodies, in Sài Gòn besides these two official northern and southern styles we still have some other “styles”, but I would say it’s more like taste. Good Phở should have all good three components: soup, beef and noodles! To me beef noodles should be a dish that inspires competitiveness and innovation in chefs, at that time everyone wants to claim the honor title “Beef noodles King”!

Snails dishes in Saigon

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Through many historical ups and downs, culture in Saigon, a 300-year-old city, has got richer thanks to culture interactions with many other places. Food in Saigon is not an exception. Coming to Saigon, people from different parts of the country take home dishes along with them. Those who come to Saigon remember all the streets that are famous for delicious and original dishes. And when it comes to snacks in Saigon, we cannot but mention dishes from snails which are not difficult to make and enjoy.

Delicious and nutritious mugwort

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Mugwort, which tastes bitter, pungent and hot, is a great choice in winter. This kind of plant is often used to moderate women’s menstrual cycle, improve Improve health of sick people or pregnant women. It is not by chance that many people like eating mugwort or use it to cure diseases. For a long time, mugwort has been used as a kind of vegetable and a precious herb plant for people to bring down fever and recover from illness.

Delicious sweetened porridge dishes of Hue

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Hue, a dreamy city by the Huong river, holds an appeal to tourists thanks to the ancient beauty of moss-covered buildings. Visiting Hue, tourists are enchanted by its cuisine which is seen as the most diverse food treasure in Vietnam travel. This ancient capital is the rendezvous of the country’s quintessence. Hue’s cuisine is the nice blend of foods from different parts of the countries. However Hue dishes have distinctive taste. The dishes reflect customs, practices, the art of making and garnishing food of Hue people. Its long history and in-depth culture make Hue cuisine special with specialties well-known throughout the country and the world.

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