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Discovery of Lai Chau

Discovery of Lai Chau

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You can reach Lai Châu, a province located 450 km from Hanoi in the Northwest, in different ways. You can take the train from Hanoi to Lao Cai city. Then, take Highway 4D, then by-passing Sa Pa to reach Lai Chau.

Lai Chau is a province in the Northwestern mountainous region – where the Da River flows into Vietnam. This is home to more than 20 ethnic groups with their own special culture. The province has majestic landscape and villages with unspoiled beauty. Coming here. you can find traces of the struggle for national construction and defense of the people of 20 ethnic groups the border province. Lai Chau is a plateau, 1,500m above sea level, where it is shrouded in clouds and fog.

The weather is cool and fresh all year round. Lai Chau town became Lai Chau city in April This year and is currently, the youngest provincial city. Lai Chau city has the overage height of 1,000m, making it the highest urban area in the north and the second highest one in Vietnam travel, after Da Lat city, Lam Dong. Infrastructure of the city is synchronously invested with wide roads, newly-built administration center and square, and a large lake right in the center of the city. Lai Chau is located in a spacious valley, surrounded by mountains and hills lying closely to each other.

And we first destination in Lai Chau is Le Loi Temple.
The temple is located on the top of a hill, in the North of the province center. People in Nam Long commune used to worship the God and pray for favorable weather on this hill. The temple was built in 1432 in memory of Le Loi, a national hero who led his troops here to smash the Deo Cat Han rebels in Lai Chau. After the victory, Le Loi visited the border area. Amazed by its beauty, he wrote o poem in Sino-Vietnamese characters with 132 letters and had it carved on a stone stele in Pu Hoi Cho cave. His poem told mandarins and ordinary people to stay loyal to the country and live in peace….

Pu Sam Cap
The area is 6 km away from the center of Lai Chau city to the West. The system has three main caves named Thien Mon, Thien Duong and Thuy Tinh which are believed to be as beautiful as Phong Nha (Quảng Bình), Thiên Cung (Quảng Ninh) and Hương Tích (Hanoi tour). Thien Mon cave is right next to the provincial road leading to Sin Ho district but to our surprise, it’s really quiet. The entrance of the cave is home to many species of plants. They are ever green thanks to the high humidity here. The cave is like a natural air-conditioner. Discovered in 2006, Pu Sam Cap cave system always attracts a large number of tourists from Lai Chau and other localities…..

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