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Discovery Pha Luong mountain peak

Discovery Pha Luong mountain peak

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Pha Luong mountain peak is considered the roof of Moc Chau – Son La. The most special thing here is not located at an altitude of more than 2,000 that are swathes of hectares all over the mountain like another world, separate from everything around. The steep cliffs with numerous tectonic fissures making it so spectacular and unique. Pha Luong is also a natural boundary between Vietnam and Laos.

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Located in the full of obstacles and difficulty Pha Luong still people here such as “silk road” to transport drugs. This makes the journey to conquer this mountain we have to get back to 3-4 times. You must have a license from Pha Luong border posts and only go in one day, that is what we have been following the failed attempts.

discovery pha luong mountain peak2
In order to get Pha Luong mountain, there are two supply lines to go. One is from the direction of Xuan Nha Forest, the beginning of Moc Chau town about 40km, climbing journey you have the land to Laos. Currently, this stretch of road has been banned completely. The second road directions from Long Sap gate, the Pha Luong, this is the direction in which the indigenous people are often away. Second route is shorter, but steep and completely go in the Xuan Nha forest.

The Pha Luong in the morning still covered by mist hung white. We headed to the border posts, the report also is to be the way to rest after a heavy off-road just then. Soldiers border open and friendly, click teacup sits words reminding his Vietnam travel station chief of special attention, as well as a number of jungle skills.

One thing especially when standing at the top of Pha Luong, we easily recognize the border between Vietnam and Laos because there is a huge difference in the flora. Side the territory of our country, Xuan Nha forest dense lush spring the Laos side is bare hills, vast grass hill.

There are lots of Mongolia couple up here to have fun. This is taken as Mongolia region rendezvous. They look the most colorful gowns and fun along with a huge bouquet of azaleas.

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