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Recently years, the weather is changing, some places in the world are hotter but some places are colder. For example, Vietnam was known as a tropical country with a lot of sunlights but you still find snow in the winter in some places in the North of Vietnam such as Sapa, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Ba Vi.

And it becomes an attractive event for tourists. However, what does the real local life behind? How the weather effects to the local people, a special ethnic group who are living in the mountainous area? Normally, their life is under a standard, the kids do not have enough clothes, most of them have to walk many hours to go to school. With the cold weather, their life seems to be more difficult. Têt ( Lunar New Year) is coming, South Pacific travel and Long Huy Group would like to do something meaningful. We spent many days to buy the most necessary things for kids in Sapa: blanket, jacket, pencil, notebook, instant noodle, milk, candy, cake, beanie. We do hope that these simple things will bring them hope, belief and happiness in New Year!

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