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The New Year meal

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The New Year meal (Tất niên) is a ritual to mark the end of the year, and welcome a New Year. The meal often occurs on the last day of the old year, and can either be held as a party, or an ordinary family meal. This is an occasion to reunite with the family members, and sharing precious moment with friends.

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Tất niên is held in the afternoon or in the evening. On the 30th, people will make many food, and carry out a spiritual ceremony to their ancestors. After that, they will set up a large meal, and throw a party with guests are family members, relatives; or in some places even close friends. On the New Year meal, people will talk about what they did last year, their memorable moments and share the expectation for a better year.

Since New Year meal has a positive effect on Vietnamese’s spirit, a lot of companies often hold the party in the afternoon to celebrate successful projects, the development of the company in the past year as well as welcoming a fulfilling new year to come. That is the reason why, New Year meal is also an occasion to meet up, and making new colleagues from other departments.

The New year’s meal is a long-time tradition of Vietnamese people. It has the undebatable beauty of social dignities.

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