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Cleaning and decorating home before Tet

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It is not wrong at all to say that Tet is a cleaning and decorating occasion. All of the streets before Tet are beautifully decorated with many banners, colors, flowers, images, etc. At home, people are busy with the cleaning and decorating things to prepare for Tet. Actually, this is not an ordinary act, but rather a tradition that has existed ever since the beginning of Tet in Vietnam.

Chung cake

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Talking about Tet’s cuisine, it would be a mistake if we do not mention Chung cake. Chung cake is a very well-known dish that could never miss on the altar, and family’s meal of Vietnamese during Tet holiday.

Tet of ethnic groups in Northwest Vietnam

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Northwest of Vietnam is the home to many ethnic minorities like Hmong, Thai, Muong, etc. It is not hard to believe that this remote highland can hold inside a widely diversified cultural background since each ethnic group here has its own customs. When referring to Tet, these practices have made great contributions to create unique Tet that you can only experience on this land.
The Hmong in Hoa Binh

Apricot blossom

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If Kumquat tree and peach blossom are Tet’s tree in Northern Vietnam, apricot blossom is a signature plant in the South during Tet holiday. Since the warm weather of Southern Vietnam in late January and February is very suitable for the tree to flourish, it has been planted widely here, and became a symbol of spring with the vivid yellow color.

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