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Top Tourism City Ha Long

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Quang Ninh is famous for Halong Bay with thousands of islands bobbing on the shimmering wave and beautiful caves. Quang Ninh’s Yen Tu is a spot of beauty with many historical monuments. This is called Vietnam’s Buddhist land. Quang Ninh’s tourism is developing with international standard tourist sites like Tuan Chau – Ha Long, Quang Ninh Library and Museum and 5 star yachts on Halong Bay. In recent years, Quang Ninh has had tourism events attracting thousands of tourists. The highlight is Ha Long Carnival. Vietnam travel.

Halong bay at a glimpse

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Halong City is located near Hai Phong, the second largest city in the north. The city is located between Hanoi and Móng Cái international border gate, thereby having very favourable location with attractive tourist spots. Many travellers call Ha Long the City by the World Heritage – Halong Bay. Halong Bay is a unique natural wonder in the world and is the number one landscape of Vietnam.

Hanoi famous 5 star hotels

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Hanoi – the sacred and elegant capital – has impressed so many locals and foreigners. It’s among the cities with the most rapid pace of urbanization process and visitors to the city can learn about its thousand-year-old history.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum

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Vietnamese Women’s Museum has an exhibition area of nearly 2,000 m2 and the warehouse storage system including 25.000 documents and artifacts reflecting the contributions of Vietnamese women in history and contemporary life.

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