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My Son sanctuary relic

My Son sanctuary relic

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On the way to Duy Phu province, Duy Xuyen district with My Son relic-the most typical place of Cham Pa culture in Quang Nam. In the first centuries on the central strip – Vietnam travel has developed a unique culture of Champa. In particular, the region of Quang Nam, once called Amaravati, mentioned in the ancient inscription as the heart of the kingdom of Champa. In 1898 a French man named C Paris discovered the My Son temples discreetly located in a narrow valley, in the middle of the dense forests. Not long later, the scientists of French Far East institute came there to study the inscriptions and architecture and sculpture works in My Son. Also they reveal the secret of My Son holly land and showed that this is the most spectacular religious relic, bearing the most typical characteristics of Champa. It was continuously built for over 1000 years. The relics of over 70 temples and towers have been listed by the UNESCO as the world cultural heritage in 1999.

My Son Sanctuary is an architectural work which carries unique values and features of the art of using brick and terracotta decoration on the tower Of the Champa people in the golden age of the kingdom. Some of the patterns painted on earthenware are still pretty sharp although it has been exposed to the extreme weather for nearly 1,500 years.

The tower of water, which lost the dome, is able to maintain a stone basin,which was once a water storage for holy rituals. The water tower is opposite the fie tower, which is said to keep the flame for holy rituals.

Zone D is outstanding with the two main long and large towers and several stone sculptures. On the outer of the tower, the pillars leaning agains the wall are approximately 4 meters with interlocked S-shaped leaf pattern. The ornaments are the sandstone sculpture figures Makara, the Apsara dancers, lion, elephant, and Garuda Bid. These two towers are called Towers of retreat. to reflect themselves, to purify their soul before stepping through the door on the other side, cross the tower of entrance to the main tower. If their mind is not calm, they would have to return. The other side of the main entrance tower is the world of gods. This side is still the world of human.

In particular, the My Son Sanctuary has a temple built of stone; it is also the only stone temple of Champa stone relics. The materials collected about the temple suggest this is most likely the location of the first wooden temple in the 4th century. It was built of brick in the 6th century and in 1234, the temple was built of rock by the last king of the Kingdom of Champa. When the temple was halfway through the construction, the Champa kingdom moved to Do Ban – Binh Dinh, so, up to now this temple has never been completed. Especially on the main pillar of the tower, there is still visible text of ancient transcripts and the inside of the house is still a shrine.

Due to repeated destructions of natural disasters and war, in My Son only approximately 20 towers remain. But what are left here is enough to amaze us with the architecture, sculpture and decoration of the ancient Champa. It is still a mystery that always stimulates exploration and scientific exploration and scientific researchs. It is also a great destination for those who enjoy exploring the heritage of this land.

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