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Temple of Guan Gong

Temple of Guan Gong

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The temple of Guan Gong was formed in the 17th century which means it was built in 1653. It is o typical relic of Hoi An and also a religious center of Hoi An people. In the 17th century, Hoi An was considered the busiest commercial port of Cochinchina, the place where very crowded boats came and left. That means it is very convenient, which is a reason why a lot of people come to our Vietnam travel. On the road we went, people came by boat, when it was time to go, they brought the Guan Gong statue with them, a small one only, to pray for good luck and for arriving at their destination safe and sound. Arriving there, they immediately set up a small temple. The temple was only made of bamboo. After that, the community of Vietnamese people, living in Hoi An for 30-40 years, developing their business in such favourable conditions, cooperated to build such a large temple like this!

Having gone through many historical events, Guan Gong temple still keeps its initial appearance. The houses with roof of green enamel pipe-shaped tiles, the structure consists of three parts: the vestibule, courtyards and rear lobby. The lobby is outstanding with the red color, gaudy decorations, tiled roof and two main doors with double major blue dragons bending their body in clouds pattern. On the two sides, close to the wall is over half a ton bronze bell and a large drum mounted on a wooden board given by Bao Dai Emperor.

Next to the terrace is the open-air space for penjing, with creates bright and green look for the temple. On two sides of the terrace are the two lean-tos along the East – West direction. The main room is in the rear lobby, the last room is where the altar is placed which worships Guan Gong. The statue is nearly 3 meters tall. It has red face, phoenix eyes and long beard with a green robe. On two sides of the statue stand Guan Binh and Chau Thuong, his two adopted children, as well as the loyal martials of Guan Gong.

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